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SofTap Brow Color Theory for Beginners

Infection Control for Body Art

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A brow color theory course designed for the beginning permanent cosmetics professional. This class will show you how to easily select beautiful SofTap colors for eyebrow clients.

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This book covers OSHA bloodborne pathogens requirements for body artists. Includes easy instructions and sample forms for safe set up, clean up, and maintenance of a body art facility.

A great source for body artists for keeping up with health and safety standards in the workplace. Easy to understand, full of examples, pictures, quizzes, forms, and more.

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Introducing the GenuLine™ Technique, by SofTap®. The most gentle way to create crisp, beautiful hair strokes with the hand tool. Glide through your procedures with our new GenuLine™ needles and let SofTap® Color do the rest! This method gives clean hair strokes with a gentle touch. Take the theoretical component online now!

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